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Achievable Belief By Research & Experience Of Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy (NT) is an alternate therapy. It presupposes that if any gland or organ is not working properly, the required chemicals will not be produced in proper quantity and the body will be in disease condition.

NAVEL is the center of the body. No what the sickness along with around the navel. The pain will be felt by pressing or without pressing at certain places if those pains are to be corrected then disease will cure itself.

By pressing the fixed order for definite time in certain places of the body so we can remove the pains around the navel and the navel. Such by or other ways by pressing or Rubbing we stimulates the body’s glands in a particular way various chemical can be made. So the gland wasn’t proper working first will start working properly and the disease will be cured.

No disease can comes if the lungs, kidneys and the digestive system works properly

The main cause of illness is a major cause of not properly digestion & absorption of food. If food will not digest properly then the body will be deficient in vitamin calcium or all other minerals and the food will us undigested in the stood. Calcium, vitamins & other minerals when not absorbed. Then calcium deficiency so muscles and other glands will not properly function.


As written earlier that is 3 main reason for body illness coming:-

(1) Gland does not act properly.

(2) Less or more of glandular chemicals or hormones.

(3) Do not get to the proper place in the right amount of glandular chemicals or hormones. If recovering from the root cause will cure the disease itself.

In new therapy by many discuses has been pain detected in the point of the pancreas. We can cures many disease by stimulate the points of pancreas in Neurotherapy in various ways.

Experience showed that pain under the left waist to be pain in the point of Mu0 (Left kidney). Indicates decreased the amount of water or increased symptoms of Acid in blood. While under the right waist to be pain in the point of Liv0 (Right kidney) indicates the symptoms of increased the amount of water or alkali and decreased the amount of acid.

The balance of acid and alkaline in body by deteriorating leads to problem of type like diseased. Acid rise in blood can cause pain in left part of the body or by growing alkali then muscles will become stiff and dread disease will occur and can cause pain in right part of the body.