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Neurotherapy Beliefs & Of Others Medical Practices

Neurotherapy (NT) is an alternate therapy. It presupposes that if any gland or organ is not working properly, the required chemicals will not be produced in proper quantity and the body will be in disease condition.

Every therapy has its own belief on the basis of which pathy or therapy works for example. Why are diseases comes what are the various medical practices & Alternatives therapy on this subject said.

1. Allopathy beliefs 5 main cause of diseases comes in body :-

(a) Infection.

(b) Nutrition’s deficiency.

(c) Degeneration of diseases

(d) By birth problems.

(e) Disorders of zenes.

2. Ayurveda beliefs 3 main cause of disease comes in the body – Imbalance of 3 types of doshas :-

  • (a) Air (Vata)
  • (b) Bile (Pitta)
  • (c) Mucus (Kapha)

3. Homeopathy beliefs 3 main causes of disease comes in the body – Imbalance 3 types of hormones:-

  • (a) Psora
  • (b) Syphilis
  • (c) Psychosis

4. Naturopathy :-

If we break nature’s rules or not going with them then the toxins or waste material will be assembled in our body. So there by damaging the vital force of the body and the body becomes a victim of diseases.

5. According to Neurotherapy :-

The following are the causes of disease coming in our body.

When some glands does not work properly or does not produce their chemical & hormones at the right time in the right amount or their chemical & hormones does not reach their proper place at the appropriate time.

If body’s digestive system, lungs & kidney’s work properly then disease can’t come.

Moreover Neurotherapy have their own beliefs on the basis of which Neurotherapy done.

Its belief are of two types:-

(1) Father of Neurotherpy Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra (Guru Ji) derived his experience.

(2) This is based on the elements of physiology of medical science but Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra use the interpretation of physiology from his unique points of view under a drug - free treatment method.