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Varun Rai (Neurotherapy Expert)

Neurotherapy (NT) is an alternate therapy. It presupposes that if any gland or organ is not working properly, the required chemicals will not be produced in proper quantity and the body will be in disease condition.

Varun Rai

Neurotherapy Expert

Mr.Varun Rai was born on 06th July,1994 in Gwalior–M.P. He is the owner of Neurotherapy lifeLine centre. He is working in the field of Neurotherapy from 8 years with miracle success & he is also the expertise of depression & Raj Yog Mediation. He is interests in the sub of Human Science from childhood.

He is started his carrier in Neurotherapy from Gwailor–M.P. in 2011. He is completed his study of Neurotherapy under Dr.Lajpatrai Mehra who has been the father of Neurotherapy. Mr. Varun Rai has been offering his health services of Neurotherapy to mankind for over 8 years in the field of Neurotherapy.

He has organized over 100 camp, seminar & work shop from up to 2011 to 2018 in different cities and states like Delhi , Mumbai , Kashmir , Jaipur , Indore , Varanasi , Gwalior or Jhansi. He is very careful person and now he is practicing of Neurotherapy in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.